- Journey to Meet Your True Self -

ZEN RETREATin Izu Oshima


"I'll be back soon."

These are the words uttered by everyone who visits Oshima. The virgin forests, woods, sea, and wind that soothe the weary spirit. The powerful energy given by Mihara Mountain's lava, deserts, and the sun...

Welcome back to Izu Oshima, Tokyo's treasure island, just under two hours away from the city center by high-speed boat, and recognized as a Japanese Geopark.

On this vibrant island, by meeting your true self and remembering who you really are, you will shine even brighter.




Zen is about living in the moment, feeling the here and now, oneself. Local cuisine that savors life, a Zen of eating. Walking Zen through mountains, forests, and deserts. Sitting Zen at power spots such as beaches, shrines, and woods. Kinetic Zen through experiencing traditional dance. Craft Zen in arranging preserved flowers of the island's symbol, the camellia.

To fully savor all that Oshima offers through the five senses, we have placed "ZEN" at the heart of our retreat program.



Say goodbye to the old you
and embrace rebirth at Mihara Mountain,
an active volcano.
Discover ancient black sands,
Japan's unique desert,
and shrines where nature's deities dwell.

Untouched nature heals your heart,
offering new energy,
just as it did for ancient heroes.
Here, you can be reborn, time and again.


Sea, mountains, sky, wind,
sun, forests, flowers...
By feeling the awe of nature
and the heartbeat of the Earth,
we remember
that our roots lie in nature
and that we are all connected.

This realization fills our everyday lives with gratitude.
Experiencing awe in nature,
scientifically shown to reduce stress
and enhance creativity,
offers various benefits.


Even a passing encounter
is a form of fate.
By discarding past narratives
and facing each other
as we truly are,
this retreat fosters deeper
emotional bonds
among participants.

We welcome friends,
acquaintances, colleagues,
community members,
and cherished family members
to join us.